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Updated: May 25

Hello everyone and welcome to My Tech Wardrobe! I started this as an Instagram account and quickly realized that captions alone weren't enough space to write down what I'd like to share. As a naturally long-winded person, a blog seemed like the perfect place. 

I work in the booming Tech industry in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario (that's Canada for those of you who aren't familiar). When I started working in Downtown Kitchener at a small tech startup, I learned that the dress code is "casual" and "open". Despite my relief that I didn't have to go out and buy mountains of business casual or professional attire, I still wondered-what does "casual" even mean at work? Were t-shirts and jeans ok? What about summer dresses when it's a million degrees out?

So I did what any other self-respecting young professional would do-I Googled it. 

I couldn't find many resources to help me out, and the ones that I did find were either Silicon Valley-based or for established professionals who had to learn how to transition into a casual environment, and whose style varied significantly from my own. 

The last two years been a constant process of me testing outfits, mixing and matching, and developing my personal #workstyle. I've learned a lot so far and feel comfortable and confident in my current choices (most of the time). I started my Instagram account with the knowledge that, even if you hate everything that I wear, you'll at least have a baseline for what casual work style could mean for you.

This website will be a space for all who are interested in a snapshot of life in the tech industry, casual work outfit inspiration, and tips for succeeding in the workplace.

Let's do this!




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