That Desk Though...

I never used to sit at my desk at work. When I was a full-time recruiter, my days were spent meeting room-hopping to get to a phone in time for my next call. Between calls and meetings, I never had much time to sit at my actual desk and would realize at the end of the day that I may have been there for a total of ten minutes.

My role changed slightly about a year ago to focus more on project-based work (which I love). As I started to spend more time at my desk, I noticed that it didn’t really reflect my personality. Cheesy thing to say, yes, but at a company where we sit in groups of desks together and there isn’t a cubicle to be found, my desk was still looking like a blank slate.

Since then, I’ve made it my mission to make my desk feel more like home. I’m happy with it now and am constantly adding to my workspace. Here are some tips for making your desk become your happy place.

1) Lean in to your beverage or snack of choice. Do you love a well-made cup of coffee or specialty drink? Get your desk kitted out with it instead of spending a few dollars a day at a café. I love tea, so I set up a small tea station at my desk with all of my favourite teas and tins, as well as a teapot and different mug every month.

You also don’t need any fancy organizational equipment or accoutrements to get started. My tea station organizer is really just a five dollar mail holder from Walmart.

2) Get creative with your office supplies. Need somewhere to put the million pens that seem to keep popping up in your bag? Don’t bother going to Staples for some boring plastic cup (if you have one and you hate it-try giving it a makeover). Chances are you already have something you could use instead. I use my Doctor Who mug, but you could easily try a glass jar or an old tin you love but don’t know what to do with.

3) Embrace knick-knacks and sentimental items-within reason. I have a few things on my desk that have no purpose at all. Like my BB8 speaker-I definitely only accidentally set it off once (sorry Carlos), and I like that it adds a personal touch to my workspace. That said though, depending on the size of your desk you might only have reasonable space for one or two things-don’t go overboard or you won’t have any space to actually work.

I’m not someone who prefers to decorate with family photos (even at home), but if you are, having framed photos of family and friends might be the perfect touch for your desk. Try to add a nice frame or borders to your photos or hang them with some fun pins or magnets.

Ultimately, you don’t need to have a pintrest-perfect desk set up complete with matching everything and rose gold staplers. All you need to create a homey space is to set up areas on your desk that make you happy. So the next time you have a crappy day or a tough conversation, make sure you have a space that brings a little more light to your day. We do spend at least 8 hours a day at work after all!

What do you love at your desk?




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