Shop your own closet by re-styling and re-wearing

When I started my Instagram account, I was worried that I would eventually run out of clothes. I might have a larger than average wardrobe, but it still has it’s limits; posting an outfit photo per day would mean that I would eventually have to repeat some outfits or items of clothing.

My concern over repeating outfits, however, soon turned out to be one of my favourite parts of posting every day. This exercise has forced me to be more creative in the way that I style my clothes and to look for new options with the exact same pieces. I’ve not only gotten more wear out of the clothes I do have, but I’ve been able to have more fun when I choose my outfits as well.

I’m going to walk you through three major tips for getting creative with your wardrobe and re-styling your current pieces. No one will ever notice you’ve been recycling the same items! These tips will focus largely on Fall and Winter wear-I’ll try to do this again in the Spring and Summer.

1) Find pieces in your closet that are perfect for layering. Foundational pieces like these turtlenecks (on sale now at Aerie) will mean that you can use them again and again in different ways. Consider pieces that you can wear on their own with a pair of jeans or trousers or under something like a sleeveless dress to help you warm up in the Winter.

2) Dress up or dress down your patterned pieces. When I bought this pair of striped pants from H&M (click here for a similar option), I wasn’t entirely sure how I would manage to make them look different each time I wore them.

Fortunately, since they’re a relatively neutral dark blue and white, I could pair them with a lot of the tops I already owned. To dress them down, I went with a cosy Field Studies sweater or a turtleneck and a pair of Aldo pointed flats. To dress them up, I chose a slouchy blazer and graphic tee or a sweater over a button up blouse. Same pants, very different looks.

3) Mix up the hair and accessories. I have this great blazer from H&M that basically goes with everything I own, so I wear it a lot. The key is to mix up the styling each time. Sometimes I go with a ponytail, at others, I’ll add a watch, different shoes, or a fun necklace.

Constantly updating these combinations, combined with dressing the blazer up or down (all black, jeans plus graphic tee, etc.) has helped me create a unique look out of it each time.

Ultimately, being creative with your wardrobe can be fun-deliberately trying to find a new outfit within what you already own is satisfying for your confidence AND your wallet.

So how do you style your favourite pieces to make them different each time? Let me know in the comments below!




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